SD Matrix "muscle and strength-building" effects have been heavily researched, and results confirm a huge surge in testosterone levels to that equivalent of most banned steroids, our pharmaceutical grade product elevates testosterone to what is regarded the optimum level for muscle development, which also leads to an increase in lean mass, muscle growth and muscle strength, keeping it high on the list of supplements most used by bodybuilders.

SD Matrix is the ultimate in Hormonal Support. It consists of a powerful prohormone formula equivalent in power and potency to some banned steroids, which increases dry and lean gains in muscle, with the fastest results.

SD Matrix was designed to give maximum results, FAST, achieving only the best results with minimal side effects. SD Matrix has a powerful capacity for impressive and consistent gains in strength and proven gains in size in just 4 weeks. SDMatrix testers experienced dramatic and immediate strength gains, when consuming sufficient calories and training on a regular basis. Every single SDMatrix tester became stronger and increased in muscle mass.

SDMatrix is potent and therefore one capsule should only be used twice daily with food. We recommend a stack of Milk Thistle and a suitable SERM whilst using SDMatrix.

Builds muscle mass fast

Speeds up muscle recovery

Highest testosterone levels available in the UK

Results in just 4 weeks


2a,17a-dimethyl-4-androstadiene-3-one,17b-0l .......10mg
brown rice, flour, magnesium state, gelatine and water

1 cap per serving
1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with evening meal. consumption with food is optional.
Stack with milk thistle and suitable serm.

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